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This IS Love | The WISDOM podcast | S3 Bonus Episode 3

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This IS LOVE  

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Bonus Episode 3


~ Love is how you choose to show up for yourself each and every moment. ~



Love is kindness.  Love is the grace that others bring into your life. Love flows in kind action and in words and messages, direct and subtle ~  Love is the feeling of being right where you need to be ~ of being grateful for who you are and who you continue to become. Love is the goodness you are ~ the positive feelings that fill your being to overflow in buoyancy, joy, and light.   When you recognize that you can be the love in your own life you draw love to you ceaselessly.



This episode highlight my weekly WISDOM Notes ~ offerings of inspiration, guidance and love for the week ahead and for the rest of your life.  Here the focus is the love that is worth noting as you field your personal love list.


Namaste! 💜



To support you in recognizing all the ways love shows up in your life...

Download & Print the PDF that accompanies this episode... • Take notice of the ways that love shows up in your life. • Feel the gratitude for all of the ways that love finds you. 



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