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The Gift of Love | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E68

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The 'Gift' of Love  

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 68


~ What do you need of yourself to gift love? ~



This episode highlights my weekly WISDOM Notes ~ offerings of inspiration, guidance and love for the week ahead and for the rest of your life.  Here the focus is the how you 'gift' yourself the gift of love that fills your heart and your entire being ~ and inspires you to be loving to all beings.


What do you need to 'gift' love?

Is it patience? ...endless forgiveness?

Is it to uphold clear boundaries and to love someone from a distance?

Is your gift of love transferrable?

Is it going to be in the language that another will understand easily?

Do you need self-care to 'gift' love?


Do you need to feel peace, wholeness, generosity, connection... or the confidence in knowing that your gift of love will be more than enough?


As the true embodiment of the human spirit, it is not only at the holidays or on the commercially-driven customary gift giving 'holidates' throughout the year that we may be inspired to bring love...


True gift giving is the ability to generate love as a currency that effortlessly flows from you to each and every person that you meet ~ that you speak with ~ that you email and text.


Love is the energy ~ the solution that you fill each and every thought and word with. It then becomes incredibly easy and transparent to see.


Love is its own currency. It is the energy we hold to be honourable, kind, generous, forgiving, and trustworthy. It is a simple outpouring of who we are. 💜


:: For the Week Ahead :: Gift yourself the gift of love.


Practice this as what you have decided to be ~ to live and then gift love to every living being because whilst love is free, it is priceless and generous beyond imagine. ~ namaste ~


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Namaste! 💜




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