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The Dangers of Self-Sacrifice | ’ask dorothy’ | Q & A | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E32

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The Dangers of Self-Sacrifice | Q and A

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 32


~ Here I answer the questions:

'What is Self-Sacrifice?' and 'How do I know if I am doing this?' ~



The definition of self-sacrifice is not holding belief in yourself; in allowing others to direct your life, in needing false approval and permission from others rather than following through on your own ideals and what matters most to you ~ and of standing tall and in the full authority of knowing that you are more than good enough, accomplished, and successful as you are.


At anytime if you make decisions that impede your life, if there is damage that you cause to yourself because of action or inaction that is unkind, unrelenting, self-critical and self-effacing you are creating damage and suffering.



Self-sacrifice carries many forms. It is complex and at times complicated because there can be a fine line between doing for others out of love and loving them completely and action that is driven by fear and impressed upon by ego ~ fear of losing someone’s love, fear of judgment by another, fear of negative consequences, fear of recrimination, the ego’s need for power, praise, authority, and self-righteousness.


Anytime that you act out of fear or ego rather than pure love, you risk sacrificing yourself ~ your happiness, your needs and your highest level ideals because your intentions and actions are misaligned ~ they are not pure nor authentic nor honourable.


It is dishonouring yourself and your morals and values in a way that causes you to feel diminished and less than whether in return for something that feeds your ego or offers a false sense of respect, power, comfort, and privilege.




Each Tuesday at 8pm EST, I take you on a journey - inside - what happens in a session of Life Coaching and Therapy in the 'ask dorothy' series as we answer the questions that honour your path and your life.



If you have been struggling with a lack of self-respect, if you continue to self-sabotage thinking it is the answer to feeling loved or cared for, please let me help you live your truth.


Self-sacrifice is not a solution. Self-sacrifice is a lack of self-respect.


Let me help you rebuild the honour and dignity that you deserve. Sending you great love.  namaste! 🙏



For this episode, I have curated a formula to release you from self-sabotage and self-sacrifice.  Find the PDF here:  The Formula for Freedom from Self-Sacrifice


Sending you great 💜 love...


Sharing the wisdom and beauty of divine love with you...



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