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Spiritual Discipline as a Daily Practice ~ Towards Personal Fulfillment | ’ask dorothy’ | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E87

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spiritual discipline as a daily practice

~ towards personal fulfillment ~


'ask dorothy'

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 87


~ What are your spiritual practices? ~



A topic dear to my heart. The idea of developing and living daily spiritual practices or disciplines is how we deepen our commitment to live of our highest self and of our light.

This episode has been inspired by a recent live session. You can find and join me in future 'live' sessions.  I would love that.


Spiritual discipline is the embodiment of grace and the resolve to live in loving-kindness in words, thoughts, and in actions ~ in who you are and what you stand for.


A spiritual practice or discipline is a product of a synergy between divine and human initiative.


It is the regular actions and activities for the purpose of inducing or creating spiritual experiences and cultivating spiritual development.


This episode is therefore really meant to offer inspiration to you, to encourage you to follow a path that inspires you because inspiration is the flow of pure consciousness that you invite in ~ that you relish ~ that truly affects and transforms ~ that initiates the desire to witness the sacred, the spiritual the world beyond what you would typically see and touch and notice because this is how we come to know the perfection of life that we can live in each moment and wherever we are.


One question towards beginning or elevating your current spiritual life is this: Ask yourself...

What are the spiritual practices (or disciplines) that cultivate love, presence and equanimity for you?


Your answers will lead you to the joy and the abundance is waiting for you.

Invite this in. This is how we live fulfilled in our daily life.

And if you would like my help in creating or creating more spiritual practices and disciplines to love and live please reach out to me. 💜


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