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Sacred Intentions | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E71

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Sacred Intentions  

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 71


~ Sacred intentions are held with the heart’s desire. They become the guiding forces for what makes you remarkable. ~



What are sacred intentions?  What is their significance?


Sacred intentions are the means by which you choose with love all that you desire.

All that you are choosing to manifest and with great love ~ for love and conviction are the sacred path that fuels desire ~ and that lives in the boundless grace of ideals that are present ~ that are remarkable that are sustainable as the love you seek.


Open your eyes and your heart to the sacred intentions that you live.



What are your sacred intentions?


What are the inspired ways that you are choosing to live that is remarkable?


What are the choices that you make that uphold the goals and dreams that you have set forth as important and meaningful?

What is the path of your heart leading you towards?


It’s about holding yourself accountable to a next level of showing up for yourself and in your life that reveals your greatness.


What are the sacred intentions that become the success habits and behaviours that generously support you for the rest of your life?


What can you live that inspires you to be love in all moments ~ to live honourable ~ to be powerful in confidence and kindness ~ to be certain of the choices that govern every action, every decision because it is your intentions that carry forward the successes you seek and that determine all that you become.


And then, in the pure nature of life all of what you seek becomes the life you live moment by moment.



As you step forward into a new day, a new year ~ for whatever part of your journey you are listening...and as you harness the energy of desire and love for all things wanted. Build your list of sacred intentions.


Make these a part of your daily life.


Decide what is most important to you and why. If not for these then what will you seek and know and love?


You can chose one, or more than one for this moment. Connect within to your heart. Let your heart’s whisper become the perfection of what you seek.


If you would like to work together to carve out your sacred intentions, please reach out and let me help. I wish for you a beautiful week of introspection and cultivating sacred intentions to live now and to live for the rest of your life.


Sending you great love...



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