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PRANAYAMA ~ Extension of Life Force | The Fourth Limb | Part 1/2 | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E63

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PRANAYAMA ~ Extension of Life Force ~ 

The Fourth Limb of The Yoga Sutras   Part 1/2

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 63


~ Pranayama breathing guides us into the ease of pure existence.  ~



Pranayama is a Sanskrit word formed by two words. Prana means a subtle life-force / ‘vital energy’ / ‘breath of life’ which gives energy to the mind and body (it is also translated as the substance of the astral world) and ayama which signifies the voluntary effort to expand, lengthen and direct life-force or prana.

Pranayama, therefore, means “extension of life force.”


Pranayama is essentially a process by which prana is controlled by regulating the breathing voluntarily. It involves a temporary pause or interval in the movement of breath.

The practice of pranayama according to the sutras helps in transforming the total personality by clearing mental obstructions, purifying the subtle channels (nadis) with prana flow, awakening dormant vital forces in the body, focusing attention, developing concentration and improving overall health and vitality.


Pranayama aims primarily at controlling the mind and suspending the mental activity and ego-consciousness in order to bring about a still mind. When the mind still and the breathing calm, the inner light of the true self shines radiantly.


The light of the self is always pure even though it is affected by the filters of the mind. When the filters (belief systems, mindset, thought, biases) are removed – as it is a state of pure awareness – there is only one pure light ~ the true self.


Join me for this beautiful exploration of the fourth limb of the Yoga Sutras ~ PRANAYAMA.


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