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Infinite Surrender ~ Engage Fully With Life ~ Live Unstoppable | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E90

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~ infinite surrender ~

Engage Fully With Life ~ Live Unstoppable

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 90


 “ What do you give your pranidhana (your surrender) to? ”



Ishvara pranidhana is the practice of fully surrendering the self to God, Life Force, to the divine – to the infinitely intelligent consciousness of the universe – to source energy – to whatever chosen word or groupings of words you use to describe the most infinite good ~ and then to know that this eternal good lives in you. It is what you are.


All of the practices of the Niyamas lead us here ~ into the knowledge that we surrender and trust in our infinite nature because we are the god source ~ we are pureness and love. We simply need to choose this ~ and to choose to live as this.



Surrender to a oneness ~ an infinite consciousness ~ as the surrender of devotion to living as your highest self.




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