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How to Release Anger + Guided Meditation | The WISDOM podcast | S3 Bonus Episode 2

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How to Release Anger 

+ Guided Meditation

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Bonus Episode 2


~ You release anger when you find peace ~ peace that lives within you." ~



'This is a meditative experience within the spiritual teachings of self-integrity, self-love, of peace and tranquility ~ of guiding yourself into the present moment and to your heart and to the sacred presence of what miracles live here.'



Anger itself is a natural emotion to the perception that we are being treated unfair or unkind, we can at times find ourselves helpless to the overwhelming feelings of anger that overtake our rational mind. Anger misdirected and uncontrolled is destructive.



Anger rises up when you perceive you are being treated unfair and unjust. When another is unkind, disrespectful and deliberately hurtful.


Anger focuses your attention onto the injustice and damage that you are witness to. As you continue to dwell in its presence, you perpetuate all of its symptoms: annoyance, irritability, frustration and rage. This is how anger becomes debilitating.


Anger is built upon the experience of hurt. It can be a defence you hold as you perceive others treating you unfairly and unkind. It can be your justifiable reaction to trauma and abuse, and to any words and actions that deny you the privileges you deserve.


Anger itself is a cue (a reminder) to re-examine a situation from a higher perspective ~ one that does not immediately cast blame and to observe your intuition if it incites that another may be unfair in their treatment of you.


There is much that you will benefit from when anger is not your first response.


The meditative practice that I guide you through here is a practice that I use. It is one that I teach. It works beautifully ~ as you hold yourself accountable to releasing anger by choice.

Anger is not meant to be an emotion that you live in. The intentions that you hold for releasing anger are most important.



Let your anger be a cue to look within ~ for honesty and understanding and for you to change the scope of what you think and how you react to all of the situations in which you hold the power to choose what is right and best for you.



The rest of what you wait for is your own. It is the peace and tranquility of your heart returning to love and to this perfect state as love and conviction. Anger is not yours to hold.


Namaste! 💜


Sending you great 💜 love...


Sharing the wisdom and beauty of divine love with you...



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