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ASANA ~ The Seat of Stillness | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E92

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Asana ~ The Seat of Stillness

~ exploring the third yoga sutra ~


The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 92


“Be still and find your infinity.”



Patanjali’s description of asana does not refer to any particular yoga postures rather the ability to hold the body motionlessly still in preparation for and sitting in long periods in, deep meditation.


If the body is restless, then the mind will also become restless. Therefore, in order to ensure that the mind becomes still and quiet, the body needs to be trained, to make it steady with ease and comfort.


‘Posture is mastered by freeing the body and mind from tension and restlessness and meditating on the infinite.'  When posture is mastered one is undisturbed by the pairs of opposites (dualities).


Here I guide us in a practice of Asana with stillness for 5 minutes.


As we do so, allow your breath to be the only subtle movement that is naturally occurring with the rise and fall of the chest.  This is how you prepare for the higher spiritual practices of concentration (dharana),  meditation (dhyana) and bliss (samadhi).


Q: Where in your life can you cultivate stillness (or more stillness)?

Q: Do you ever feel the urge to be still? Do you listen to this?

Q: What are you discovering/learning through intentional stillness?


In this episode I reference and take direct quotes from 'The Yoga Book' by Steven Sturgess.



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