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The Dental Mental Game: The Challenges of Cosmetic Dentistry for Doctors

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While working in cosmetic dentistry is usually rewarding, you can't please everyone on the first attempt! While you and your team may know that we can always make things right and adjust as needed, our patients can react poorly at first! And if you don't know how to handle these situations both in front of the patient, and in your own head, then it is likely you won't last very long in the field. Today I discuss my own personal struggle with these types of situations and what I tell myself and my patients when they happen. In today's episode I discuss: ~ The two ways upset patients will respond. ~ How to deal with these conversations and ultimately please your patients. ~ What you need to tell yourself to stay in a positive mindset. Have you ever wanted to try your own team TRAINING DAY, but not sure where to start?  Grab our FREE Amazing Race Starter Pack for templates and topic ideas to get your team motivated! ⁠ Click the LINK HERE!⁠ IF YOU want a DEEPER DIVE, we have just the thing!  We have recently launched our 6 Module Modern Dentist Challenge!  Here we provide more insight into ALL the systems I use at my office and how we make it happen. For more info, ⁠Click HERE!  ⁠ As always, I would LOVE and appreciate if you would RATE and REVIEW this podcast and don’t forget it TAG me ⁠@drpeggybown on IG⁠ and please remember to hit the FOLLOW button!  Peggy xox

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