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TPW Pod Episode 18- The Devils are a wagon, Knee hockey or mini sticks? Trouble in the Burgh, Buffalo keeps rolling, Trouble in Toronto, Boston and Vegas are hot, and more.

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This week on TPW Pod, the boys welcome on host of The Hockey 411 Brian Anderson. We discuss a tweet that almost broke the hockey internet, is it called knee hockey or mini sticks? Then we get into how well the New Jersey Devils have been playing, and why Stephen still thinks its #FireLindy. After that we break down the Pittsburgh Penguins slow start, in the middle of back-to-back collapses. We then get interrupted by America's Team the Buffalo Sabres, and Tage Thompson. We finish up with the Toronto Maple Leafs and why we shouldn't panic. Boston and Vegas being the best teams so far, and Mullett Arena being better than we thought.

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