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S2 Ep3: The Matrix with Kate Dolan

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This week we finally release our long promised episode with Irish writer/director extraordinaire Kate Dolan where she is the last one to see The Matrix.

Given the technology theme of the movie, I had ChatGPT generate an episode blurb. I’m willing to bet with a strong degree of confidence that we’re not in a simulation if this is the best that AI can deliver on the prompt “write a 200 word blurb, full of puns, about the movie The Matrix for a podcast episode where we watch it with a guest who has never seen it”:

Are you ready to enter the Matrix? On this week's episode of our podcast, we're joined by a special guest who has never seen this iconic sci-fi film before. So grab your shades, strap in, and get ready to take the red pill with us!

The Matrix is a movie that'll have you questioning everything you thought you knew about reality. It's full of mind-bending special effects that'll have you dodging bullets and jumping over buildings like a superhero. And with some of the most quotable lines in movie history, it's bound to be a wild ride!

But don't worry if you're a bit green when it comes to The Matrix – we'll guide you through the ins and outs of this classic film. We'll explore the philosophical themes that underpin the story, from the nature of existence to the limits of free will.

So if you're ready to plug into the Matrix and take on the machines, join us for this week's episode of our podcast! It's going to be an action-packed journey through a world where anything is possible, and where nothing is as it seems.

Not only is this episode coming to you months later than originally scheduled - our previously promised season one closing episode - it was further delayed by a busy run-up to Oscars weekend (and the ensuing jet-lag-like feeling David is experiencing staying up to watch it). The pre- and post-watch recordings with Kate Dolan were recorded around this time last year and our episode intro and outro last week.

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