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E55: Latin Superstar: Cody Rhodes

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This week's episode features a critical look at the last week and a half of AEW social media nonsense and why Steve is boycotting AEW due to cultural appropriation. Jeff discusses why WWE NXT 2.0 seems to have lost its shine. Plus, we bring you all the latest wrestling results and news, thoughts on WWE Crown Jewel, why it's a gift to have a WWE Hall of Famer participate in the ring, NXT Halloween Havoc predictions and gifts from Colombia.

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  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E68: There's No "Cool Walter's"


    Besides deep diving into the the MLW lawsuit with WWE this episode contains a discussion on two of the hottest wrestling topics in the past week, Ali and Gunther. Jeff and Steve talk Mustafa Ali's release request, argue as to why WWE should or shouldn't give it to him, and when to expect his release. The boys also chop it up over the Gunther controversy, why they needed to change Walter's name (look no further than the title of this episode), and why it's not surprising to have a "Nazi character" on WWE given their history of sports entertainment villains on TV. As usual, we review all the week's wrestling, including Moxley's return to AEW; Cody Rhodes bizarre promo; why fans were "shocked" to see Orange Cassidy put over Adam Cole; why it shouldn't have shocked anyone to have Seth Rollins vs Lashley end in a no decision; and an in-depth talk about Dante Caballero and El Gringo Loco that isn't all "in-depth."
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E67: Sunny with a Chance of Wardblow


    This episode starts with a breakdown of one time WWE Hall of Famer, Sunny, getting arrested...again; and, Jeff and Steve ponder breaking her out. We also discuss Major League Wrestling's lawsuit accusing the WWE of nefarious business practices; is this legit or is it a cheap stunt for publicity and cash? In reviewing WWE, we describe how Lashley and Big E were disrespected on Raw; what might cause RK-Bro not NOT to break up; and why Mickie James and WWE have fooled the wrestling community into once again believing there is a "Forbidden Door." In our AEW review, we give our thoughts on Interim Champions, a disagreement on Wardlow's potential, and our thoughts on AEW Releases. Also, a rant on why Macaulay Culkin can't be trusted to criticize creative.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

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  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E66: Churn'em and Burn'em


    The new year brought us lots to talk about and boy did we talk! Listen in as we discuss the latest round of NXT releases which included William Regal and Samoa Joe; once again compare NXT 1.0 to a failing racehorse, and review New Years Evil 2022. The boys break down the New Years feud between Big Swole and Tony Khan; can AEW do better for diverse talent in their booking? We review WWE Day 1; chop up why Brock as the WWE Champion was making the best out of a bad situation, defend Big E, and Jeff actually comes around and gives reasons why you should actually LIKE WWE Raw. Also, a deep dive into who was the last babyface wrestling champion to get over AFTER winning the world title; the answer may shock you! And, more fake ads!
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E65 // Hook 2: Electric Boogaloo


    This episode welcomes in the new year with an interview from fake Toni Storm, our review of the COVID impacted latest episode of WWE Raw, Brandi Rhodes cuts most controversial promo of the year, and our best guesses on who will win at NXT News Evil and WWE Day 1. Plus, a recap of our 2021 Wrestling Predictions, and our 2022 predictions!
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E64: 2021 Year in Wrestling


    Break out the spiked egg nog or coquito, cozy up by the yule log and listen to our recap of the 2021 Year in Wrestling Review! Jeff and Steve discuss what we're the year's best matches, wrestlers, feuds, and more! Also, the lads review the latest week in wrestling including Roman Reigns turning on Paul Heyman, Liv Morgan drowning, Are the Hurt Business getting back together?, which legendary rock band did CM Punk's face paint remind us of?, and how did Scotty 2 Hotty get booked to a major indy promotion faster than most of recent releases? Plus, a major development on AEW that will potentially shift the landscape of professional wrestling... Or not. Tune in!
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E63: WANGMAN


    This episode brings you over an hour of wrestling talk including thoughts on Adam Page vs Bryan Danielson, Buff Bagwell claiming WWE denied him rehab, more Jeff Hardy conspiracy theories, ROH Final Battle reviews, backlash towards The Rock for being best buds with Nick Khan, and who are Jeff's Sinister Six of wrestling Twitter beefs. Plus, a bold claim about AEW Rampage ratings!
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E62: Hooked on Electricity and Chemicals


    On this episode, Jeff gets released. Not our Jeff, but Jeff Hardy. We join in on the speculation of the cause and where he'll show up next. Hook debuts and almost breaks the internet with corny puns. Tony Khan gets thanked for lending talent for ROH Final Battle, but where's Vince's thanks? We recap NXT War Games; Jeff salivate at the idea of where Kyle O'Reilly will be headed; we review the Liv Morgan vs Becky Lynch Championship match; discuss the new WWE NIL program; and read fan mail.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E61: Lighting Him On Fire Will Get You Over In Georgia


    This week the boys cover a flaming table match, Vince speaking directly to Tony Khan on Raw, Ric Flair wanting one more match, NXT War Games 2021 Predictions, Moxley stalks VKM outside his hotel room, Swole leaves AEW, and a WILD theory on how to get Cody Rhodes to stop being booed on Dynamite.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E60: The One About VKM's Egg


    On a very EGG-citing episode, Jeff and Steve analyze an incident that saw Seth Rollins attacked by a "fan" during the recent WWE Raw taping in Brooklyn, NY. Why did this happen? Did Seth owe this fan money? Who's Seth TRollins? What role does social media play in this? Also, we provide our thoughts onthe results of Survivor Series 2021, including whether people should be pissed about The Rock not showing up, and who stole Vince McMahon's golden egg? The boys review 2020 releases and run down where they are now. In our AEW Dynamite Review, we discuss the MJF/CM Punk promo, Kenny Omega dropping the AAA World Title and why Charlotte would dump Andrade because of it. Happy Thanksgiving, ya heathens!
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E59: Sponsored By...


    This week's episode features lots of FAKE ads and lots of REAL releases! Yes, WWE announces another round of releases including John Morrison, Drake Maverick, Hit Row, and more. We'll break this round down, and explain why budget cuts might actually be a legitimate explanation. We also bring you our thoughts on AEW Full Gear; why Adam Page should've started Dynamite with a moment of silence; and why Daniel Bryan going thru the Dark Order makes ZERO sense. Also, we bring you our WWE Survivor Series 2021 Predictions; we dissect the criticism of the traditional Survivor Series matchups and bring up an idea to make the event more interesting. We close with wrestling news, including what crazy nonsense Ric Flair has been up to lately.

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