The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

The Hammerlock Hangover

The Hammerlock Hangover

Join life long wrestling fans, Steve and Jeff as they discuss all the wrestling highlights and lowlights of the week. They also provide the news from around the world of wrestling, including breakdowns of ratings and trends. This show also provides unique deep dives into the legal and financial aspects of wrestling, including contracts, intellectual property, and legal disputes.

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  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E54: Pick Your Poison


    HH Episode 54 addresses the new Friday night war between WWE and AEW. Is it real, or is the wrestling community drumming up drama when it comes to putting WWE's new flagship, Smackdown, against AEW's "B-show," Rampage. Also, has WWE ended the Women's Evolution with the latest results of the "Queens Crown" tourney? Plus, with ratings dipping in the last few weeks, did Tony Khan and AEW blow his load early by revealing Punk, Danielson, and Cole around the same time? Should he have staggered their debuts; we discuss. All this and WWE Crown Jewel Predictions and the latest wrestling news.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E53: Haircuts at Chippendales


    This week, the boys recap the WWE Draft 2021, what surprised them? What didn't? Plus, a discussion on Seth Rollins' home invasion and where it lands on the long list of home invasions in wrestling. Also, with NXT's rebranding, we've been introduced to a plethora of different characters; Jeff breaks down his thoughts on Bron Breakker, Harland, Von Wagoner, and more. In our AEW Dynamite Review, Steve raves over Serena Deeb's new attitude, the boys compare expectations over the booking of Adam Page's return to those of WWE bookings, and ponder how Tony Khan can have a "big announcement" without actually showing up. All this, plus wrestling ratings, news and why an 8 year old boy can be caught up in he magic that is Brutus Beefcake.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

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  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E52: Don't Trust Fuego Del Sol


    On this episode, Jeff and Steve deep dive into the REAL reason the ropes broke under Finn Balor at the end of WWE Extreme Rules. In another Hammerlock Hangover EXCLUSIVE, we break down the legendary force that helped The Tribal Chief retain his WWE Universal Title. We heap praise on WWE Raw and the booking of Lashley, The Hurt Business and The New Day. In our AEW Review, we discuss how hardcore Arn Anderson is, why Double A talks a big game but hasn't backed it up recently, share mixed reviews on Sammy Guevara vs Miro, why Sammy shouldn't trust Fuego Del Sol, put over MJF (again) while discussing if he buried Darby in the promo game, and give concrete proof on why Moxley is not a draw. Us WWE Draft predictions, the latest wrestling news, and another update on Lanny Poffo vs Jeff.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E51: You Call This Extreme?


    This week, Jeff and Steve recap the last week of wrestling by doing a partial watch-along to WWE Extreme Rules. How good was the show and why is it Extreme Rules when only one match is "EXTREME?" Is Bianca Bel Air truly buried? We discuss Roman Reigns wearing a mask when entering the WWE Universe. And, our thoughts on all the shenanigans at the end of Roman vs Finn Balor. We also cover AEW Dynamite: Grandslam and bring you some perspective from inside the arena. Was Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson really an "instant classic?" We discuss why the match, the card order and the ratings fell short. Plus, why did Brian Pillman Jr. come out looking like Tony The Tiger to a match in which he's supposed to avenge his family? How did Steve will Arn Anderson to fall off the apron? Is Cody Rhodes turning heel, or are AEW fans turning on Cody? CM Punk exposes more than his legs, and an argument ensures on how "gangsta" Santana and Ortiz are. If that wasn't enough, we also run down some latest news on wrestling injuries, a few open wrestling related lawsuits, our thoughts on "Bearcat" Keith Lee, is Fox angry with WWE? and Dark Side of the Ring discussion regarding the Ric Flair, Tommy Dreamer and Kanyon. Finally, we provide an update on "The Genius" Lanny Poffo's pursuit of Jeff's girlfriend in Ecuador. Yes, you read that right. Enjoy!
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E50: That's a Good Head!


    This episode celebrates our 50th episode! We discuss Big E's epic WWE Championship win, was this hot-shot'd or long term booking? We love on the In-Dex Wedding. Steve describes his adventures in Newark, NJ as he attends AEW Dynamite Live and compares the Prudential Center to the "Kmart of Sports Arenas." Jeff opines on why NXT 2.0 is missing the mark, and we speculate as to why no one wants to acknowledge Rick Steiner by name in WWE. In our AEW review, Steve raves about about Will Hobbs' booking, while Jeff brings him back down to Earth; why this Newark show was disappointing if you went live; and we give some predictions on next week's Grand Slam show in NYC. Plus, thoughts on Jake Atlas taking a break, Bronson Reed and Big Damo's visa concerns, and we fantasy book Al Snow and Head in Baywatch!
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E49: Is Lanny Poffo About To Steal My Girlfriend?


    This week's episode Jeff and Steve bring you their reactions to one of the best professional wrestling PPVs in a while, AEW All Out. We discuss the epic debuts of Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, and Ruby Soho; what worked and what could've been better? Are AEW and WWE REALLY in competition if WWE is selling diversity and family programming and AEW is not? The boys also speculate on why guys like guys like Kevin Owens and Finn Balor would leave WWE for AEW. We talk about Triple H and his cardiac event, and in a Hammerlock Hangover EXCLUSIVE we tell you what REALLY happened to him and how Stephanie is involved. And if that wasn't enough, we bring you a story about how "The Genius" Lanny Poffo is potentially stealing Jeff's girlfriend.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E48: The One Where They Compare NWA 73 to the GTS


    This week, Jeff catches Steve up on the week of wrestling after living "off the grid for a week." They delve into the shocking death of WCW and TNA star Daffney. The wrestling world reacts to raise awareness to mental illness and Karl Anderson takes the opportunity to dropkick WWE. NWA Empowerrr and NWA 73 are reviewed, including why is Ric Flair celebrating with a common man like Trevor Murdoch? Speaking of Ric Flair, we chop up his promo on loving WWE at an NWA show. Plus, AEW Predictions, why Cincinnati is a horrible town (Moxley related), and why Steve loves Nia and Charlotte shooting.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E47: The Punk Bump


    On this episode, Jeff and Steve discuss the long awaited debut of CM Punk on AEW, his impact on wrestling, and what to expect. Also, how AEW dropped the ball with their latest episode of Dynamite, why is Malakai Black scared of Lee Johnson? We compare Arn Anderson to Mr. Miyagi; Kazarian single handedly runs off a World Champion and his three cronies, and explain why Jon Moxley cuts promos in the hallway. We also review WWE Summerslam 2021, discuss our favorite matches, and break down the good, the bad, and the ugly from WWE's 2nd biggest show of the year. We break down Becky Lynch's return; is she a heel? Did Becky bury Bianca Belair? We recap Brock Lesnar's return to face off against Roman Reigns; is Brock a babyface now? What does Paul Heyman do? We chop up wrestling news including some COVID impacts on NJPW and WWE; lots of ROH injuries, and WWE settles Saudi Arabia lawsuits. Also, we explain why Eva Marie should have slapped Doudrop harder, Steve breaks out in laugher over Reggie from St. Louis, and Jeff gets yelled at by his girlfriend. Lots of laughs and good times! Take a listen and enjoy!
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E46: CM Punk Quit 3 Months Ago?


    The boys are joined by Drew Yari to review the week in wrestling. From the debut of Rampage to the possible retirement match of Jericho, to AAA Triplemania & NJPW Resurgence, to ratings, NXT & Lilly, it’s all covered. The three of us give our WWE SummerSlam & Takeover predictions. The continuing Hook Goldberg debate rages on. Doudrop in and listen!
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E45: Psycho Clown, The Carefully Placed Bear


    This episode dives into Keith Lee's YouTube video elaborating the health issues that kept him out of action for months, and Mia Yim's sacrifice to care for him. Reviewing AEW, we talk about all the possibilities heading into Omega vs Christian on Rampage, how does Christian get 2 World Title opportunities, or maybe not? Will Omega lose most of his championships this weekend? We temper the hype on Dante Martin and Danny Garcia. Compare Dynamite to WCW Thunder and give Rampage predictions. While reviewing WWE, we welcome Randy Orton and his porn 'stache back, give thoughts on the future of RKBro, show immense gratitude to Baron Corbin's latest struggles, and why Rhea vs Nikki missed. Plus, other wrestling news including who's Psycho Clown? Why do bears need to be carefully placed? Should Ric Flair return to in-ring action? And, which mask do we book Bronson Reed into this week? Tap in for fun times!

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