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E51: You Call This Extreme?

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This week, Jeff and Steve recap the last week of wrestling by doing a partial watch-along to WWE Extreme Rules. How good was the show and why is it Extreme Rules when only one match is "EXTREME?" Is Bianca Bel Air truly buried? We discuss Roman Reigns wearing a mask when entering the WWE Universe. And, our thoughts on all the shenanigans at the end of Roman vs Finn Balor. We also cover AEW Dynamite: Grandslam and bring you some perspective from inside the arena. Was Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson really an "instant classic?" We discuss why the match, the card order and the ratings fell short. Plus, why did Brian Pillman Jr. come out looking like Tony The Tiger to a match in which he's supposed to avenge his family? How did Steve will Arn Anderson to fall off the apron? Is Cody Rhodes turning heel, or are AEW fans turning on Cody? CM Punk exposes more than his legs, and an argument ensures on how "gangsta" Santana and Ortiz are. If that wasn't enough, we also run down some latest news on wrestling injuries, a few open wrestling related lawsuits, our thoughts on "Bearcat" Keith Lee, is Fox angry with WWE? and Dark Side of the Ring discussion regarding the Ric Flair, Tommy Dreamer and Kanyon. Finally, we provide an update on "The Genius" Lanny Poffo's pursuit of Jeff's girlfriend in Ecuador. Yes, you read that right. Enjoy!

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  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E61: Lighting Him On Fire Will Get You Over In Georgia


    This week the boys cover a flaming table match, Vince speaking directly to Tony Khan on Raw, Ric Flair wanting one more match, NXT War Games 2021 Predictions, Moxley stalks VKM outside his hotel room, Swole leaves AEW, and a WILD theory on how to get Cody Rhodes to stop being booed on Dynamite.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E60: The One About VKM's Egg


    On a very EGG-citing episode, Jeff and Steve analyze an incident that saw Seth Rollins attacked by a "fan" during the recent WWE Raw taping in Brooklyn, NY. Why did this happen? Did Seth owe this fan money? Who's Seth TRollins? What role does social media play in this? Also, we provide our thoughts onthe results of Survivor Series 2021, including whether people should be pissed about The Rock not showing up, and who stole Vince McMahon's golden egg? The boys review 2020 releases and run down where they are now. In our AEW Dynamite Review, we discuss the MJF/CM Punk promo, Kenny Omega dropping the AAA World Title and why Charlotte would dump Andrade because of it. Happy Thanksgiving, ya heathens!
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

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  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E59: Sponsored By...


    This week's episode features lots of FAKE ads and lots of REAL releases! Yes, WWE announces another round of releases including John Morrison, Drake Maverick, Hit Row, and more. We'll break this round down, and explain why budget cuts might actually be a legitimate explanation. We also bring you our thoughts on AEW Full Gear; why Adam Page should've started Dynamite with a moment of silence; and why Daniel Bryan going thru the Dark Order makes ZERO sense. Also, we bring you our WWE Survivor Series 2021 Predictions; we dissect the criticism of the traditional Survivor Series matchups and bring up an idea to make the event more interesting. We close with wrestling news, including what crazy nonsense Ric Flair has been up to lately.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E58: AEW Full Gear Predictions 2021


    This week we welcome Kaden from YouTube's "The 10 Count" Podcast as we run down the AEW Full Gear Predictions for 2021. We'll discuss who should win the AEW World Title this weekend; how long they should hold it for; speculate as to who could be next in line for AEW's grandest prize; book Velveteen Dream into Full Gear; and, butcher Europe's most popular song. Also, they discuss Tony Khan's wacky behavior during a media scrum, why he was way out of line with a reporter, and what did he do o get Steve to defend him? Plus, Jeff and Steve recap the latest drama with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch; how Doudrop took a recently released superstars position on the roster, and dissect all the nonsense over people trying to get into Xavier Woods' pocket, his business with "Up, Up, Down, Down" and everyone should mind heir own business.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E57: WWE Releases... Keith Lee, Nia Jax, Karrion Kross, Ember Moon.


    This week covers the bevy of recent WWE Releases including Karrion Kross, Scarlett Bordeaux, Keith Lee, Mia Yim, Ember Moon, Nia Jax and others. Jeff and Steve discuss why no one should be surprised and how the "fickle" fans should be to blame for these releases. Also, we speculate on where these releases will land based upon the trends of previous releases, and it doesn't look pretty! Besides WWE Releases, we read Moxley's new book and get dumber in the process; debate on why Eric Bischoff is fighting with Tony Khan; Steve rants on why TK is making announcements for Moxley, and why AEW should be concerned about their recent ratings. We give an update on Tammy Sytch, aka Sunny. And, we close with discussing if Becky is failing as a heel or is Bianca failing as a face?
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E56: ROH on Life Support?


    With the recent announcement of Ring of Honor's impending doom, we bring you this week's episode early to discuss this news. How did ROH wrestling get to the point of letting go of all their talent? What factors played into this? We also break down AEW and WWE's roles in this. Where will all the ROH talent go in 2023? Who will buy the ROH tape library? We also discuss the latest news on the Becky vs Charlotte news... Seth Rollins in the New #1 Contender to Big E's championship... Brock gets drafted to Smackdown only to be suspended. We review NXT Halloween Havoc and why it doesn't appear to be a Ron Breakker's time yet. We break down IMPACT Wrestling's Bound for Glory event... New Champions galore! Should so much ex-WWE talent have gone over? We also analyze the new IMPACT Digital Media Championship and have a few laughs in the process.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E55: Latin Superstar: Cody Rhodes


    This week's episode features a critical look at the last week and a half of AEW social media nonsense and why Steve is boycotting AEW due to cultural appropriation. Jeff discusses why WWE NXT 2.0 seems to have lost its shine. Plus, we bring you all the latest wrestling results and news, thoughts on WWE Crown Jewel, why it's a gift to have a WWE Hall of Famer participate in the ring, NXT Halloween Havoc predictions and gifts from Colombia.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E54: Pick Your Poison


    HH Episode 54 addresses the new Friday night war between WWE and AEW. Is it real, or is the wrestling community drumming up drama when it comes to putting WWE's new flagship, Smackdown, against AEW's "B-show," Rampage. Also, has WWE ended the Women's Evolution with the latest results of the "Queens Crown" tourney? Plus, with ratings dipping in the last few weeks, did Tony Khan and AEW blow his load early by revealing Punk, Danielson, and Cole around the same time? Should he have staggered their debuts; we discuss. All this and WWE Crown Jewel Predictions and the latest wrestling news.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E53: Haircuts at Chippendales


    This week, the boys recap the WWE Draft 2021, what surprised them? What didn't? Plus, a discussion on Seth Rollins' home invasion and where it lands on the long list of home invasions in wrestling. Also, with NXT's rebranding, we've been introduced to a plethora of different characters; Jeff breaks down his thoughts on Bron Breakker, Harland, Von Wagoner, and more. In our AEW Dynamite Review, Steve raves over Serena Deeb's new attitude, the boys compare expectations over the booking of Adam Page's return to those of WWE bookings, and ponder how Tony Khan can have a "big announcement" without actually showing up. All this, plus wrestling ratings, news and why an 8 year old boy can be caught up in he magic that is Brutus Beefcake.
  • The Hammerlock Hangover podcast

    E52: Don't Trust Fuego Del Sol


    On this episode, Jeff and Steve deep dive into the REAL reason the ropes broke under Finn Balor at the end of WWE Extreme Rules. In another Hammerlock Hangover EXCLUSIVE, we break down the legendary force that helped The Tribal Chief retain his WWE Universal Title. We heap praise on WWE Raw and the booking of Lashley, The Hurt Business and The New Day. In our AEW Review, we discuss how hardcore Arn Anderson is, why Double A talks a big game but hasn't backed it up recently, share mixed reviews on Sammy Guevara vs Miro, why Sammy shouldn't trust Fuego Del Sol, put over MJF (again) while discussing if he buried Darby in the promo game, and give concrete proof on why Moxley is not a draw. Us WWE Draft predictions, the latest wrestling news, and another update on Lanny Poffo vs Jeff.

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