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Part 5: File Not Found

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The problem of ransomware has many causes but no clear solution. What's coming next? This is part five. We Meet: Fabian Wosar, CTO, Emsisoft  Jake Johnson, North Carolina State Representative Abishur Prakash, Geopolitical Futurist Paul Rosenberg, Mayor, Village of Rye Brook, New York Kimberly W. LaGrue, CIO, City of New Orleans, Louisiana Allan Liska, Principal Research Scientist, Recorded Future Sounds From:  Video: Governor declares state of emergency after ransomware attack on Louisiana, Source: WWLTV,  Video: City Hall set to open Monday following cyber attack, Source: WDSU News,  Video: Cyber attack cripples New Orleans for days, Source: Fox News,  Video: City Hall adapting to life without computers after New Orleans cyberattack, Source: WWLTV,  Video: New Orleans government targeted in cyberattack; no ransom demanded, Source:  WWLTV, Credits:  This series is hosted by Meg Marco and produced by Emma Cillekens, Tate Ryan-Mosley, and Anthony Green. It’s inspired by reporting by Renee Dudley and Daniel Golden from ProPublica. We're edited by Bobbie Johnson, Michael Reilly, Mat Honan, and Robin Fields. Our mix engineer is Erick Gomez and theme music by Jacob Gorski. Art is from Lisa Larson-Walker and Eric Mongeon. Emma Cillekens is our voice coach. The executive producers of The Extortion Economy podcast are Meg Marco and Jennifer Strong.

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