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State of the Market: A Macro Overview of What's Affecting the Markets

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After 7 weekly red candles in a row for the first time since 2001.. we decided to dedicate this whole episode to the State of the Market. Join us as we dive into the perfect storm of macro economic events that have led us here, and why we think right now isn't the time to try to pick a bottom. All this and more on this week's episode of Straight Into Options: The State of the Market.

• OPEX week price action
• Taking 3900 $SPX calls from .2 to 5 (25x) using $VIX and Unusual Whales options flow
• 7 weekly red candles in a row  for the first time since 2001
• $WMT and $TGT get crushed after earnings
•  The perfect storm of macro events
•  Inflation, food shortages, cost of living, rising fuel costs + more

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