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Training your Brain for Spanish // Saber & Conocer

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How is it that you can recognize the sound of your name above hundreds of sounds in any given environment?

We can use this same mechanism within the brain to tune into the language we're learning, improve our listening comprehension, and understand the more challenging aspects of grammar. Part 1 of this episode explains how.

In Part 2, we look at Saber & Conocer... two verbs that can mean "to know." How to know when to use which "to know?" HA! That's what me and my buddy David Faulkner help you to understand.

*CLARIFICATION- I say that "conocer" is always used for "meeting someone" What I mean is meeting someone for the first time. To imply that you came to know someone through work, you would use "conocer." Conocer is NOT used, however, when meeting up with someone. If you want to express that you and your friends met up at a restaurant, you would use "encontrarse."

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