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Episode 3 // Space Pizza and Planetary Things

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Episode 3 of the ShuttlePod Cast, where Nic and Echo talk about various bodies of mass in and outside the solar system, along with many other things.

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0:00 Hello

0:20 What a Protoplanet Is

4:23 Echo Preludes Lowell

6:40 Nic Talks About Pluto With Chemistry

8:54 NASA Juno

11:08 Hiding Ice Is Really Nice

14:06 Pizza In SpaaaAAace!

16:35 A four hour daytime and a cyanobacterial playtime

19:50 The Exoplanet Report

22:13 Old Data, New Hypotheses

25:05 Echo Postludes Lowell

31:37 Reprogrammable Satellites (and a Space Jam tangent)

36:00 The ISS's dance with DEATH!!!1!!

39:59 Shameless Plug

41:43 Farewell

NB: You're probably reading this part of the description because you heard someone blaspheme upon everything that is common knowledge in science and phraseology. We aren't perfect, but Echo will definitely own up to the part in the episode where he called Jupiter "the red planet." We had him write "Jupiter" on a chalkboard 50 times and think about what he'd done, and he says he's learned. We'll have to see if that pans out. Echo still stutters when he does math out loud, though; that's unaffected.

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