SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE with Vinay Kumar podcast


Vinay Kumar

In this business podcast that is all about people, Vinay Kumar, a Leadership Coach, Certified Professional Facilitator, OD Consultant, Podcaster, Global Nomad, Wildlife Stalker and Records Collector, interviews leaders, thinkers, strategists, and doers to reveal actionable insights, first-hand experiences, smart strategies, brilliant tips and lesser-known best practices on a range of subjects in business leadership and people management, from innovation, DEI, facilitation, technology, future of the workforce and sustainability to evolution of leadership, storytelling, negotiation, digital learning, mental wellbeing, the art of staying positive and even water wars! Plus each episode features curated recommendations from Vinay and his guest for your own RWL (Read Watch Listen) list to keep you shinier and happier!

129 Episodes