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Radhe Govinda | Episode - 3 Appatlo Okadundevaadu | Chai Bisket Original Telugu Podcast

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The thrilling story of a curious guy interested in ghosts and the paranormal side of things, who goes to Harishchandra Vedika, a haunted graveyard where they supposedly buried the mentally ill. He uncovers the age-old love story of Radha-Govind, and an evil, scheming doctor who tries to take Radha for himself. A horror story you wouldn't want to miss...

Credits :

Story & Narrator : Samosa Uday

Govind - Phanindra Narsetti

Radha - Vidya Chai Bisket

Doctor - Masala Sundeep

Editing - Akshay Raj

Poster Design - Dinesh Reddy

Podcast Design - Punith Mahesh

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