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Hype Check 2022: How New Technologies Could Impact HR

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Paul and Bryan rate and discuss the level of hype around three emerging technologies: artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and blockchain. For each, they discuss the level of hype, and share the results of a recent LinkedIn poll about the expected impact of each technology. They then discuss and debate the use cases of each technology and how this could impact the HR profession. 

Specific topics worth hearing:
Bryan defines Artificial Intelligence, and compares its adoption to a certain teenage behavior. Paul and Bryan discuss how AI and the mathematical underpinnings have proven value for HR. 

Paul discusses his skepticism for the metaverse, though both acknowledge the real possibilities for value in applications where dangerous, multi-sensory experiences can be effectively trained through virtual experiences. 

Bryan expresses doubt around the efficiency of blockchain technology at scale, and Paul and Bryan agree that blockchain may still be a solution in search of a problem. Paul raises one HR use case that may add value: employee verification. 

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