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This is just an introduction on what to expect from this chess podcast going forward. The podcast will be different than the rest in this category. It will be innovative. Guests will be present for the addition of color to the show. I’m a 41 year old past-his-prime man, past my chess prime, but I’m still fighting and hope to improve my score greatly. I started coaching sessions with a personal coach to sharpen my skills. Children aged 6-12 can get coaching with me at You need to have a layered approach o chess. You can not simply play games all day and expect to grow in chess when you need to also watch chess films, study books, read prose books, exercise, eat well. Everything works together to make you a better chess player. I’m not the most successful player, I’m marginally successful. But when I am going to be successful it will be because I layered my learning. I mention an untitled book and am willing to give the information if desired. Go to the contact me section and just ask and I’ll send out the book information. Almost antsy can be considered a different resource or layer like an informative chess calendar. Don’t enter chess tournaments prematurely. Your rating is labile for the first 25 game in the U.S. so with each loss you rating falls hard, as with a win it can rise high. Therefore get some coaching, study hard and join tournaments when you are competitive and you will likely win more. The website has many resources such as blogs, videos, social media links where you should get in touch with Josef. Lastly I want to leave the floor to you. Contact me about your interests in this podcast. Who do you want to hear from? What do you expect here?! What I can tell you is that you will be better at chess after listening to this podcast. You will always leave better than you came! --- Support this podcast:

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