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Ep. 143: Building Safe Spaces: The Crucial Role of Adults in Children's Recovery from Trauma

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Ever wondered how to build resilience in children who have suffered trauma? Our guest for today's episode, Ginger, Program Director for the Attachment and Trauma Network, gives a fresh perspective on it. Ginger's personal journey is inspiring, and her experience as a former child abuse investigator, an adoptive parent, and a survivor of postpartum and postadoption depression has shaped her approach to helping others. She shares her road to recovery, and how she found her calling in assisting families and children dealing with trauma and attachment issues.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Transitioning from traditional behavior plans to focusing on the child's nervous system
  • The importance of an adult's role in creating safe spaces
  • Practical co-regulation strategies for educators and parents

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Regulation and Co-Regulation: Accessible Neuroscience that Brings Calm into the Classroom

The Attachment & Trauma Network

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