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Robyn explores the grief in parenting kids with vulnerable nervous systems 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The relationship between trauma and grief
  • Why it's important to make space for grief in our kids and in ourselves
  • The role of self-compassion
  • How a lack of media representation of your parenting journey causes grief

Resources mentioned in this podcast:
Robyn's book: https://robyngobbel.com/bafflingbook

Read a summary or the full transcript at: RobynGobbel.com/grief

Over on my website you can find:
Webinar and eBook on Focus on the Nervous System to Change Behavior (FREE)
eBook on The Brilliance of Attachment (FREE)
Ongoing support, connection, and co-regulation for struggling parents: The Club
Year Long Immersive & Holistic Training Program for Parenting Professionals: Being With

The Club is welcoming new members from September 26 - October 3, 2023 (until we reach capacity- whichever happens first!)

For all the details and registration, just head to https://RobynGobbel.com/TheClub

Ready to dive deeper ?

  1. The Club is an online community of connection, co-regulation, and a little education for parents of kids with big, baffling behaviors. We open periodically for new members! Sign up on the waiting list at RobynGobbel.com/TheClub
  2. Being With is a year-long training program for professionals. RobynGobbel.com/BeingWith

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