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Episode 15: The Perfect Geopolitical Storm

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Just as inflation has retreated and it at least appears that a soft landing is not such a far-fetched thought as we once might have believed, BAM, the "perfect storm" is unleashed on the markets in the Middle East, in what could become a worst-case-scenario. 

We start with China, where the PBOC has remains TIGHT even as the economic data erodes as is best evidenced by a multi-month decline in the year-year rate of change in both Export and Imports. The Chinese Central Bank has been reluctant to cut their Policy Rate even in light of six-months of ZERO inflation. It leaves one wondering if China, after a prolonged period of COVID-lockdowns, isn't using a restrictive policy to slow the economy on purpose, squelching growth in the country that has been THE engine of global growth for a decade. Is China purposefully trying to weaken Western economies? 

And in terms of the horrific situation unfolding in the Middle East, is there a chance China is the ultimate puppet master here, like they are behind the scenes in the Russian invasion of the Ukraine? 

Is this a coordinated effort driven by China, "out of" Iran, one that will bring ALL of Israel's enemies together as a means to draw the West into a messy war in the Middle East. And would this provide "cover", especially as the US enters what promises to be a CIRCUS in 2024, politically speaking, for China to make moves in the South China Sea.

What if...inflation rises again, amid continued move higher in Energy prices? 

And most importantly, what should one be doing with their Portfolios at this point, to maintain wealth appreciation while protecting against a Fed that is likely to remain restrictive for MONTHS to come. For sure Greg has already given you some fantastic ideas that have paid off nicely over the last couple of months, so make sure to check out his latest thoughts on this topic.

Indeed, Greg discusses ALL of the above, and then some, in Episode 15 of Money, Markets & New Age Investing. 


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