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Episode 13: Just the Facts Ma'am, Just the Facts!

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In this business one must put ego aside and be willing to be wrong, a lot. Success comes down to unearthing the facts, digging deep into the data-details, connecting the dots globally, and putting ALL the little pieces together to build a picture that reflects the FACTS as they relate to the current situation. 

From there we must be open minded to changes in the macro-monetary environment while conjuring up and contemplating ALL the possible scenarios the current FACTS might portend for the future. As I conjoin the puzzle pieces offered by the latest deluge of FACTS, we can easily envision a recession, one that I see heading straight at us here in the US, not to mention the global economy. 

 I construct the puzzle from scratch in today's podcast, AND, more importantly, offer my thoughts on what to do with these facts, strategically speaking (AKA the preferred optimum investment focus). From US Government handouts (Transfer Payments) to the impact on Food inflation from El Nino, from the crash in the US Mortgage market to the souring sentiment among US Consumers linked to their financial situation, from the upside breakout  in the share price of International Business Machines (IBM) to the intensifying erosion in the Labor market, from the bullish fundamental FACTS behind the rise in Crude Oil and Uranium prices down to how to best "play" those markets...Money, Markets & New Age Investing has YOU COVERED!

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