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Episode 11: The US Consumer Goes to War, Investors Need to Prepare!

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The average Consumer in the US has been forced to borrow money just to pay the monthly bills, and while Consumers have exhaled a sigh-of-relief as inflation spiraled back "down" to 3%...little do they realize the WAR is not over. No, the war has only just begun, as the "base effect" in Energy, THE primary force that drove inflation lower, is done, finished, over, GONE! be replaced next month by a sharp year-year INFLATION in Gasoline, which will could well drive the rate of CPI inflation back above 4%. 

Worse yet, the supply-demand fundamantals in Crude Oil and Gasoline are decidedly BULLISH for prices thru the end of the year, with Saudi output cuts resulting in fast-and-furious declines in inventories, resulting in the largest single week of US Crude Oil Imports in DECADES, this past week. The daily supply deficit is anywhere from 1.5 to 3 million barrels per day, and without a sharp decline in consumption (not likely) prices will rise, and could soar, with Crude Oil above $100 per barrel, and Gasoline clearing $4 gallon. 

In the meantime, China's trade surplus hit $80 billion, and is tracking at greater than $1 trillion for the year, while at the same time they are hoarding supplies of Crude Oil, Copper, Wheat, and Soybeans, much of that sourced from Russia and Saudi Arabia. 

The US consumer, not to mention equity market investors are already "at war", as is the US, in a financial asset and natural resource WAR with the new Axis-of-Power, China-Russia-OPEC. For investors it is time to take action and have exposure to specific key commodities and currencies, as the task of keeping pace with the debasement of paper money is about to intensify.  Greg details some of the Energy linked ETFs that individual investors should consider, and offers a FREE special report on the entire sector, including the individual Petro-patch shares. 

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