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Spoiler Hot Review - Shazam 2: Fury of The Gods - Ep. 147

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Coming up on this episode of Meanwhile Back on the Podcast, it’s our highly anticipated spoiler hot review of Shazam 2, The Fury Of the Gods! 

This DC movie has sparked some mixed reactions, with some fans calling it a refreshing jolt to the superhero genre, while others feel this lighting bolt missed its mark. And sadly, it's also been the lowest grossing DC movie to date, but is it deserving on this unfortunate record?

Joining us today in the pod to shed some light on the matter is our newest team member, who we are very excited to introduce to you all. Together, we'll unpack the highs and lows of this electrifying sequel. And in true Meanwhile style, so much more. 

Without further ado, as little Darla might say "Hit the music, motherfuckers!" 

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