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1.1: Oath

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After his sister’s betrayal forced him into exile, Lord Valentin Tellari must now face the deadly ocean that rages against the Drumming Isles. But neither storms nor leviathans will smother the vengeful fire that burns within Valentin. He will not know rest until he has reclaimed what is rightfully his.

Levian is an upcoming high fantasy podcast brought to you by Samy Souissi (Desperado) and Hug House Productions.

You can support Levian on Indiegogo now through August 31st, 2023 at https://igg.me/at/levian-podcast/ and find out more about the show, including full transcripts, at https://levianpod.com/.

Come hither, listener...

Content Warnings: This episode contains situations of a sexual nature and mentions of homophobia. Please use your discretion when listening.


  • Feliks Mathur as Valentin Tellari
  • Beth Eyre as Tanathea Tellari
  • Chris Magilton as Judge Garson
  • Erika Sanderson as Mara Sibi (or rather... Levian Sibi)
  • Anna Harris as Meadow (Brothel Owner)
  • Jumoké Fashola as Doctor Harmon Vissian
  • Giancarlo Herrera as the Merchant Prince
  • Will De-Renzy as Anthony
  • Samy Souissi as Martin Beau
  • Matthew Temporal as the Guard

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