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Encore: End of Life Help

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Dr. Karen Wyatt and Stacey discuss Karen’s work in hospice care. After she lost her father to suicide, she was deeply hurting while ruminating over not being able to save him despite being a doctor. This catapulted an entire career shift where she realized she wanted to work in end-of-life care. She wanted to be able to help people determine how they would like to leave this world. She also comes away with some fascinating stories and tidbits of advice, which she shares with us today.

Key Takeaways:

  • When surveyed, the majority of people say they would prefer to die in their home as opposed to dying in the hospital. And yet, the majority of people die in the hospital. This is because they don’t pre-plan or make their wishes clear.
  • Pre-planning is truly a gift for your family. You save them from all the extra work, stress and possible conflict as they are grieving the loss.
  • Roughly only 1 in 3 people have completed an Advance Directive. Don’t let your end of life care be up to fate, make those decisions today. It’s never too early, but it could be too late.

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