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Working Towards a Career in Real Estate w/ Aymen Alobaidi

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On this episode of Keeping It Real, we sit down in person with Aymen Alobaidi at Pouch 6 Studios in Austin. 

Aymen has been laser-focused on becoming a real estate agent since he was 14, strategically choosing jobs in sales and hospitality in order to accumulate skills in preparation for his career in real estate. Now he’s in his second year in real estate and is killing it.  

In our conversation, Aymen shares some of the lessons he’s learned starting out, including:

  • Learning how to handle objections

  • The chaos of change creating opportunity 

  • Focusing on the client instead of the commission 

  • The payoff of making 100 calls a day

  • Working with your clients on their timelines 

  • Working with difficult buyers  


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