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Is The Proposed NAR Settlement an Attack on The American Dream?

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On this episode of Keeping It Real, Theresa Bastian is back with us in person at Pouch 6 Studios in Austin.

Theresa shares her takeaways from the proposed NAR settlement, including: 

  • NAR as a lobbying group

  • Corporate home ownership

  • How the NAR settlement could make it harder for individuals to get into homes

  • Tough conversations we need to be ready for that may not even occur

  • As an industry, we’ve not done a good job of showing our value to the media, our consumers, and the general public  

  • How we are not taking a good job of articulating the value we bring 

  • That this could be healthy and level the playing field 

  • Fears surrounding buyers rep agreements 

Tune in to hear about what parts of the settlement you need to be aware of, take seriously, and will have the most impact on your day to day.  


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