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Home Owner's Institute-Dan and Haven are figuring it out with their trusted team- Building their "HOME" on Martha's Vineyard

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Dan and Haven share with us their experiences with building. Starting with a minor basement and porch renovation of a summer retreat to a modern kitchen and entry renovation, then culminating in their current project building a new home on raw land on Marta's Vineyard. Their very different childhood experiences were less about nostalgia but rather structured their desire for security and shelter. Elements they longed for in the house they will call home. They talk about finding comfort and opportunity in constraints and how they build a team they trust. Fred Gutierrez is the host of "Home Owner's Institute" , podcast, and runs the company ShepherdPMC with his partner Mike McHugh. Fred is a licensed architect who worked as a custom home builder in Boston MA. ShepherdPMC has dedicated their unique experience to help engaged owners lead the realization of their dream homes confidently and with purpose. If you or a friend would like to share what made your project successful, we would love to hear from you. If you would like to contribute to the podcast with question or comments you can find us here at Shepherdpmc.com Home Owner's Institute is now on Instagram- @home_owners_institute

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