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I don't want you to focus on closing, I want you to focus specifically on closure. Sales is nothing more than a conversation with an outcome. It is two people sitting across from each other, trying to decide if they should work together. I think if a sales person is smart, they're intelligent, and they're a real person they're trying to make sure that the person they're sitting across from is somebody they really want to work with. And if you go into this mindset that I got to close everybody I sit across from, you're going to lose, because you're going to become a transactional style salesperson that nobody wants to do with do business with. So for me, this entire idea is how do I get to closure? And closure means a yes, let's move forward. Let's do business a no, we're not a fit for each other. We're still be friends, we'll move on, but it's not going to work. Or it's the significant next step that we can get to. Stop trying to close the sale and start building relationships. Links Website - ( YouTube Video - ( Blog - ( Facebook Group (

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    Not Everyone is Your Ideal Client


    Who's your client avatar?When you have the perfect product/service to launch, all that is missing is who you are launching it to. Before launching, you must ask yourself and your business who your ideal client is. Who do you want to work with? Is your product or service marketed towards that client? Identifying your ideal client is the key to selling your product or service effectively. We call them client avatars. Once you identify your ideal client avatar, you can then decide who you want to work with, as well as who you don't want to work with. Links Website - ( YouTube Video - (available soon) Blog - (available soon) Facebook Group (
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    Love Your Haters


    Haters are gonna hate. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone, trying to give your audience, clients, and followers value. You’re creating, writing, and posting when suddenly… a hater pops up in the comments. Do you ignore them? Do you go to war? Do you seek to understand? Do you delete and block them? None of the above. You know I’m not the lay down and take it type, but a great leader is someone that has emotional resilience, and can leverage even seemingly negative situations. If you’re going to be a leader and putting content out on public platforms, you’re going to have to have some tough skin. You want to make people think, engage, and ask questions when it comes to your content and having a hater or two is a great sign that you’re actually doing something right. I’m not saying to waltz onto social media and start throwing punches; even I have some topics that are off limits (can you guess what they are?). What I’m saying is, don’t be an jerk, but also don’t be afraid to rock the boat. Links Website - ( YouTube Video - (available soon) Blog - (available soon) Facebook Group (
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    Powerful Sales Questions That Get You Paid


    Pitch decks are dead.  Now, before you get your panties in a wad, let me explain. A traditional pitch deck is usually full of information about the company and is about as exciting as watching paint dry. It doesn’t engage the client’s emotions… you know what does? Questions. Asking powerful questions gives you the opportunity to connect with your potential client on a deeper level. It allows for a relationship to develop and people love doing business with people they have a relationship with. Of course, if you ask questions, you need to listen. While this may seem silly to point out, I mean active listening. Those micro follow-up questions are powerful and help you peel back the layers of what is going on inside your potential client’s head. Approaching a sales meeting as if it’s an investigation, and you’re a seasoned detective will change the tone of the meeting and make your client feel seen and heard. Links Website - ( YouTube Video - ( Blog - ( Facebook Group (
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    How to Setup Your Sales Process


    Selling without a sales process is like taking a trip across the ocean with no navigation. Who knows where you will end up? A sales process gives you a consistent conversation and will help you get more business done. To create a sales process, think about the last 5 deals you sold. Write how you started, what you said, and break the conversation down into steps. Then see if there is consistency with the conversations. Make that your process and try that on your next prospects. A consistent process will help sell more by learning how to better educate people about your product or service, so they can make a proper decision. Links Website - ( YouTube Video - (available soon) Blog - (available soon) Facebook Group (
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    LIVE! from the Badass Business Summit


    During the Badass Business Summit, Donnie Boivin and Kevin Snow took the stage to do their first live show in front of a live audience for the Growth Mode Podcast. They took questions from the crowd on sales and scaling their businesses. Links Website - ( YouTube Video - ( Blog - ( Facebook Group (
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    Top Sales Techniques for Entrepreneurs


    The first rule of being an entrepreneur is you must become a salesperson. If you can't sell, your business will fail. A lot of people are good at what they do but do not have the sales chops to make it successful. Being an entrepreneur is tough enough without sales. If you sprinkle on top the inability to sell, then you have a wicked cocktail. You need to think about your sales process, how you find clients, how you have a sales conversation, and ultimately how do you bring on new clients. Links Website - ( YouTube Video - ( Blog - ( Facebook Group (
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    Don’t Be The Victim.


    My biggest pet peeve is salespeople who have a ‘poor me’ mentality. Whenever a deal doesn’t go how they want, it’s never their fault. Instead, they play the victim and start spouting excuses that blame everybody else.  The truth is they cannot get stuff done. Or they’re a miserable grump, and nobody wants to be around them. When you think about selling your product and service, there are a few things that can cause the victim mentality, especially when you're talking about sales, running a company, business development, those type of things. Links Website - ( YouTube Video - ( Blog - ( Facebook Group (
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    Sell Them What They Want; Give Them What They Need


    Back when I was doing sales training, I learned something of value that still proves significant today. I would frequently receive requests for specific areas of training such as cold calling, pricing, closing techniques, or enterprise-style sales training. But I discovered that when a business owner called to set up training for their team, nine times out of 10, the training they requested was not the true issue.  Either way, it doesn’t matter what they request; always say yes because what they really need is a way to change the mindset of their salespeople. They need to get out of their own heads. Always sell them what they are looking for, then give them what they actually need. Links Website - ( YouTube Video - ( Blog - ( Facebook Group (
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    Selling The Invisible Value: How To Sell Services


    Over the years, I have debated which is a more complex sale, service or product. For me, selling a service is a more remarkable feat for the simple fact that with a product, people know what they are looking for, but with a service, they don’t always know they need that service. When selling a service, you have to find ways to differentiate yourself more than when selling a product. With a product, you can touch it, feel it, and hold it. But when it comes to a service, it’s like selling air, so you need to show visuals of what you offer. Links Website - ( YouTube Video - ( Blog - ( Facebook Group (
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    Cold Calling 101: Never Call Alone


    Cold calling has become a passion project because so many people despise the task, but it’s necessary to expand your business. Now, why do people hate cold calling so much? Because it sucks. You’re picking up the phone a hundred times, dialing random people just to get told no over and over again.  Rejection isn’t enjoyable. But you have to learn not to stack those rejections against yourself or take them personally. What has made a difference for me is learning to enjoy the process by putting tricks in place to make cold calling an easy, successful endeavor without mentally beating the crap out of yourself. Links Website - ( YouTube Video - ( Blog - ( Facebook Group (

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