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How To Be 100% Human with Karen Allen

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Have you ever found yourself saying “I can’t believe this is my life?”  “I can’t believe this is happening to me?”  “This isn’t how it is supposed to be.”

Karen Allen is just like so many other amazing women on this podcast with her sticky floor story.

She is a supermom - that is just figuring it out as she goes.

She is a keynote speaker (that still experiences butterflies before taking the stage)

A Healthy eater who loves pizza and greasy burgers

And a super organized person - who can never seem to find her airpods.

She is 100% HUMAN.

She is also a recovering perfectionist and a woman who tragically became a widow and single parent at the age of 29.

Today she is going to talk about moving through grief, putting herself out there, and her process of believing and building in order to become. She also talks about the power of your mindset, the science behind positive thinking, how to practice gratitude (even when all hope seems lost), and the complexities of emotion - but most importantly she talks about the power of choice.

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