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Ep.69 - Pest Management w/ Drew Babula // Frisella's All Around the Yard

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MAC Pest Management | Frisella's All Around the Yard Podcast On this episode of Frisella's All Around the Yard Podcast we chat with Drew Babula, business owner Drew is a husband to an amazing wife and the father of 3 beautiful children! Drew is the owner of MAC Pest Management and they specialize in residential, commercial and institutional pest control needs in the St. Louis & surrounding areas. Spring is definitely the start of busy season for pest care professionals. When warmer weather starts to set in a few of the more noticable pests starting to emerge are ants, termites or sting insects, mosquitoes, and spiders. From ants in the kitchen to wildlife in your attic, MAC Pest Management has got you covered. Call Mac and let them handle what’s bugging you! What can people do to prevent pests in their homes? There are a lot of things a homeowner can do to reduce the amount of pests they are seeing in their homes. What is around the home strongly affects the types of pest pressures one might have. In heavily wooded areas, folks are going to see a lot more spiders, ants, stinging insects, and mice, and other wildlife activity. Making sure your home is well sealed and eliminating entry points is huge. Are overhanging trees, overgrown shrubs and other landscaping is going to offer more harborage to all sorts of tests. Keeping these trimmed back will go along way in reducing pest activity around your home. That paired with a pest control professional that you can trust, Is going to give you the best results and the best chance at a pest free home.

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