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Angee in Missouri

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Episode 49. Angee in Missouri

In this episode, I will be talking with Angee in Missouri. Angee lost her mom, Gloria, to Covid on February 17, 2021. Angee not only feels the grief of losing her mom, but she also deeply feels the guilt of knowing that she brought the virus home to her mom. We talk a lot about grief and guilt and healing in this episode.

Angee mentions the Yellow Heart Memorial and how connecting with others has helped her. We also talk briefly about the book, Option B, by Sheryl Sandberg. Finally, there is a bit of an up and down audio sound when Angee is speaking sometimes. I've done my best to try to edit it to be more even.

Yellow Heart Memorial
Option B book by Sheryl Sandberg 

For context on this interview and the ever-changing pandemic, we recorded this episode on March 2, 2023.

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