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  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    110 - Azure in Sweden


    Show links Azure in Sweden (Microsoft) Azure Sweden details (Microsoft) Azure Prices endpoint (Microsoft Docs) PsPing (Microsoft Docs) Comparing Azure Sweden services (Microsoft) Azure Resource Mover (Microsoft Docs) Product availability in Power Platform (Microsoft) SPONSORThis episode is sponsored by ScriptRunner.ScriptRunner is a great solution to centrally manage PowerShell Scripts and standardize and automate IT tasks via a Graphical User Interface for helpdesk or end-users. Check it out on scriptrunner.com
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    109 - Azure Policy as Code with Jesse Loudon


    Guest: Jesse LoudonJesse Loudon (@coder_au) is a Microsoft Azure MVP and Principal Consultant at LAB3 in Sydney, Australia. Jesse's mission statement is to democratize Azure Policy as Code.  Over the past year Jesse has been actively advocating in the community across blogs posts, open-source GitHub repositories, and YouTube for greater Policy as Code adoption which drives repeatable, auditable, and scalable deployments for enterprises.  What is Azure Policy? (Microsoft Docs) Azure Policy Extension for Visual Studio Code (Microsoft Docs) AzAdvertizer (AzAdvertizer.net) AzGovViz - Azure Governance Visualizer (GitHub) Understanding Azure Policies with Visual Studio Code (Tobias Zimmergren) Favorite Visual Studio Code extensions for Azure (Tobias Zimmergren)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

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  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    108 - Controlled havoc with the Azure Chaos Studio


    What is Azure Chaos Studio? (Microsoft Docs) Built-in faults (Microsoft Docs) Supported resources (Microsoft Docs)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    107 - Azure Updates


    Breaking changes in Functions Runtime v4 (Microsoft Docs) GA: Azure Monitor container insights for Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes. (Microsoft Docs) Preview: Visual Studio Code for the Web (Microsoft Blog) Provisioned throughput spending limit for Azure Cosmos DB in general availability (Microsoft Docs) General availability: Centralized management of keys for encrypting Azure disks (Microsoft Docs) Preview: New Azure Arc capabilities in November 2021 (Microsoft Updates)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    106 - Digesting announcements from Microsoft Ignite in November 2021


    Microsoft Ignite site (Microsoft) Defender for Cloud Apps trial sign-up App Governance trial sign-up Azure Container Apps (Microsoft) Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (Microsoft) Jussi's recap of the keynotes (Rencore) Pay as you go model for Power Apps (Microsoft) Logic Apps updates (Microsoft)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    105 - Expectations on Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021


    Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021 (Microsoft) Session catalog for Ignite (Microsoft) Cloud Skills Challenge (Microsoft)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    104 - Become an Azure Architect with the new AZ-305 certification


    AZ-305 registration (Microsoft) AZ-305 skills measured (Microsoft) Training Certification Poster (Microsoft) Interesting courses on Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Harvard Business School) Interesting courses about Business from Harvard Online (Harvard.edu)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    103 - Azure Updates


    Security Center Updates (Microsoft Docs) Dynamic Concurrency in Azure Functions (Microsoft Docs) Azure Functions runtime 4.0 preview (Microsoft Tech Community) Cost reservations for Management Groups (Microsoft Docs) Windows 11 generally available on Azure Virtual Desktop (Microsoft Tech Community) Updates to Azure Form Recognizer (Microsoft Docs) Deploy Azure AD-joined VMs in Azure Virtual Desktop (Microsoft Docs)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    102 - Where do you store your application config data?


    Introduction to Azure App Configuration for Developers with C# .NET Core (Zimmergren) Azure App Configuration (Microsoft Docs)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    101 - Dial into Azure


    Creating a User VPN tunnel in Azure (Microsoft Docs) Azure AD authentication with P2S (Microsoft Docs) AlwaysOn VPN tunnels (Microsoft Docs) Tailscale (tailscale.com) Building a Site-to-Site VPN from home to Azure (Jussi)

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