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Tobias Zimmergren, Jussi Roine

Tune in to Tobias Zimmergren and Jussi Roine talking about Azure, in a podcast usually digestible over a cup of coffee.

104 Episodes

  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    104 - Become an Azure Architect with the new AZ-305 certification


    AZ-305 registration (Microsoft) AZ-305 skills measured (Microsoft) Training Certification Poster (Microsoft) Interesting courses on Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Harvard Business School) Interesting courses about Business from Harvard Online (Harvard.edu)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    103 - Azure Updates


    Security Center Updates (Microsoft Docs) Dynamic Concurrency in Azure Functions (Microsoft Docs) Azure Functions runtime 4.0 preview (Microsoft Tech Community) Cost reservations for Management Groups (Microsoft Docs) Windows 11 generally available on Azure Virtual Desktop (Microsoft Tech Community) Updates to Azure Form Recognizer (Microsoft Docs) Deploy Azure AD-joined VMs in Azure Virtual Desktop (Microsoft Docs)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

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  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    102 - Where do you store your application config data?


    Introduction to Azure App Configuration for Developers with C# .NET Core (Zimmergren) Azure App Configuration (Microsoft Docs)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    101 - Dial into Azure


    Creating a User VPN tunnel in Azure (Microsoft Docs) Azure AD authentication with P2S (Microsoft Docs) AlwaysOn VPN tunnels (Microsoft Docs) Tailscale (tailscale.com) Building a Site-to-Site VPN from home to Azure (Jussi)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    099 - Azure Updates


    Azure AD Graph is retiring June 30, 2022 (Azure Updates) Discover Azure AD Graph Apps (GitHub) Azure Functions: Configuring the Node version (Microsoft Docs) Azure Functions: Configuring the Python version (Microsoft Docs) Azure Functions: Configuring the PowerShell version (Microsoft Docs) Cross-resource query Azure Data Explorer by using Azure Monitor (Microsoft Docs) Azure Disk Storage: Automatic key rotation of customer-managed keys (Microsoft Docs) Screen capture protection for Azure Virtual Desktop (Microsoft Docs) Upgrade Azure AD connect (Microsoft Docs) Multi-step web tests will be retired - see TrackAvailability() (Microsoft Docs) VM's retiring (here, here, and here) Cloud Services (classic) deployment model replacement (Microsoft Docs)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    098 - Get certified as a Security Operations Analyst


    The SC-200 exam (Microsoft Docs) The SC-200 course (Microsoft Docs) All Microsoft courses (Microsoft) Get certified on Azure Security with AZ-500 (Ctrl+Alt+Azure) Talking about Azure Sentinel with Maarten Goet (Ctrl+Alt+Azure) Understanding and getting started with Azure Sentinel (Jussi) All posts on Azure Sentinel (Tobias Zimmergren) Visualize Log Analytics data ingestion using Azure Sentinel (Tobias Zimmergren) Discover sensitive Key Vault operations with Azure Sentinel (Tobias Zimmergren
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    097 - Durable Functions with Marc Duiker


    About Marc:Marc is a lead consultant at Xpirit with a strong focus on event-driven architectures. He has extensive knowledge of the serverless offerings in the Azure platform and he enjoys helping organizations making effective use of cloud-based technology.  You might have seen Marc at a developer meetup or conference since he's a regular speaker in the area of Azure cloud & serverless technologies. He started Azure Functions University, a free and open source learning curriculum on GitHub, where everyone can learn about Azure Functions at their own pace.  In his spare time, Marc likes to give attention to the creative part of his brain. He likes to create pixel art, code visuals & music, and occasionally create retro games.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    096 - Moving towards a cloud-only architecture


    Join us in this episode, where we discuss the numerous aspects of moving towards a cloud-only architecture. Having a more lightweight approach to on-premises is often something that companies are focusing on, so we take a look at the relevant aspects such as file shares, legacy apps, Active Directory, and security. Also, Tobi asks Jussi an unexpected question!
  • Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast

    095 - Azure Updates


    GitHub Codespaces (GitHub) Azure VPN Client for macOS (Azure Updates) Azure Automation: Az module support (Azure Updates) PowerShell 7 support in Azure Automation (Azure Updates) Azure AD support for Azure Automation (Azure Updates) Discovery and assessment for ASP.NET web apps with Azure Migrate (Azure Updates) Azure to Azure Disaster Recovery (Microsoft Docs) Support matrix for Azure to Azure DR (Microsoft Docs) Azure Defender for SQL details (TechCommunity) Start VM on connect capability in Azure Virtual Desktop (Microsoft Docs) Azure Cost Management and Billing updates (Azure Blog) Azure Migrate blog post (Jussi)

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