Bring Something to the Table podcast

Bring Something to the Table

Leslie Beck and Shelby Anderson

Welcome to ”Bring Something to the Table,” a Denver-based podcast where hosts Leslie Beck and Shelby Anderson, with their dynamic 20-year age gap, dive into spirited conversations about friendships, personal growth, love, and the chaos of life. This engaging show blends laughter with candid revelations and yes, the occasional tequila talk. Our episodes cover a variety of topics; from intuition, vulnerability, and resilience, to ghosts of relationships past, and our quest for the city’s best margarita or latte. We keep it real and relatable, celebrating the messiness of life and the beauty of our shared experiences. ”Bring Something to the Table” is where tough topics meet humor and heart. Whether you’re navigating friendships or personal challenges, we’re here to remind you that you are not alone. This is a community for both Millennials seeking their place in the world, and Gen Xers embarking on new adventures. So grab your favorite drink and join us for stories, insights and wisdom born from genuine friendship and know that you’ll always have a seat at our table.

4 Episodes