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E15 The Qur'an and its Variant Readings with Dr. Shady Nasser

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Join me as I discuss the Qurʼān and its variant readings with Dr. Shady Nasser, Associate Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Harvard. What do we mean when we talk about variant readings? How is the presence of such readings accounted for between Muslim and Western scholars? How and when were variant readings canonized? What methodology was applied to determine whether a variant reading was valid or not? How was "Qurʼān" defined between different people? What are the aḥruf? What do we mean when we talk about tawātur and how does it apply to the Qurʼān and the variant readings? What is the concept of the inimitability of the Qurʼān? How is the Qurʼān related to poetry? And more! Link to his forthcoming publication:

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