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Before the Beatles' rise to national and then international fame, just how cool was the UK? There was The Goon Show, Hammer Horror, and others (tell us what you remember!). But did it come close to reaching the level of cool in the US? Didn’t the cooler UK musicians strive to be more like American artists? Weren’t the coolest of films and their stars coming mainly from the US? What could make that change?

'Love Me Do,' the Beatles’ first single, was released on 5 October 1962. Interestingly, Dr. No, the first 'Bond film' was released the same day. Music and film from the UK was about to start having a huge impact in the UK, in the US, and worldwide. At this point starts a period of 'proto-mania,' the very beginning of the UK becoming the coolest of the cool. 'Please Please Me,' the Beatles’ second single would have its time on/atop the UK charts between January and March of 1963. So in this episode, we’re talking about the six-month period that preceded nationwide 'mania' in Britain. And we call it the 'Between the Singles' period.

The title of this episode was adapted from a hit song from 1975. 'A bullet, in record-chart parlance, refers to a song selling strongly and/or moving up the charts.' (Wikipedia) The lyrics are pretty clever. You can hear the song and read along here: (Recommended!!)

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