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In this episode of Beatle60 Live, our guest interviewer — historiographer Rob Geurtsen — and guest expert, Dr. Kenneth Womack discuss Ken’s upcoming book Living The Beatles Legend: The Untold Story of Mal Evans. Available for pre-order now, it’s scheduled for release on Tuesday.

This discussion will be presented in three parts. This is episode one. Episode two will be out in a few days, and episode three by the end of the week. 

In 1963, we find that without George Martin, Brian Epstein and Dick James facilitating and pushing the Fabs’ records, performances and songs, respectively, the Beatles probably would’ve remained in Merseyside, performing round and round the same local ballroom circuit. 

Artists need support and facilitation. Mal and Neil (Aspinall), were both employed directly by the Beatles and played significant support roles.  

Despite being compensated better than most laborers in similar positions, Mal was grossly underpaid. And yet his dedication to his work with the Beatles left a lasting impact on the group's legacy.

An often overlooked factor in the Beatles’ success story was their willingness to take enormous risks. In this sense, Mal fit right in. It’s a mindset that can take you to the toppermost or can do you in. The book aims to provide significant glimpses into Mal's life, including the moments when he could no longer steer away from his collision with his own history. 

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