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26 | Book Report : The Little Book of Gold

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In this podcast episode, Meg Padovani discusses the book 'The Little Book of Gold: Fundraising for Small and Very Small Nonprofits' by Eric Hanberg. She highlights the approachability and value of the book, emphasizing its relevance for both small and large organizations. Meg explores the importance of making fundraising goals approachable and shares insights on starting small and building relationships. She also appreciates the casual and supportive tone of the book, which makes it feel like a conversation with the author. Meg concludes by emphasizing the significance of human connection in successful fundraising and the hope and inspiration the book provides.



  • Fundraising goals should be approachable and focus on building relationships.

  • Starting small and cultivating relationships is key to successful fundraising.

  • The book 'The Little Book of Gold' is valuable for both small and large organizations.

  • The casual and supportive tone of the book makes it an enjoyable read.

  • Human connection is at the heart of successful fundraising.

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