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25 | Mark DeFelippis

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Staying Connected with Mark DeFelippis

A leader in the Advancement Services industry, Mark DeFelippis shares familiar career comforts within his professional journey, starting with falling in to a position and finding a home. This personal perspective is a story of evolution and engagement, highlighting the importance of human connection in today’s virtual world.


00:00     Intros & Background

3:00        Mark’s entry in to professional organizations

8:40        History and evolution of AASP and Advancement Services

13:30     Technology revolutions and finding value

17:40     Working to connect

20:30     Understanding the art of fundraising

23:15     A.I. and the Human Factor

27:30     How to build and maintain relationships virtually

32:20     Understanding your role, creating the future

36:15     Value of volunteering

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