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Should Value Investors Buy Berkshire Hathaway’s Stock?

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(1:00) - Does Berkshire Hathaway's Stock Fit Into Your Portfolio? (6:30) - Should You Be Following Warren Buffett’s Trades vs. Buying The Stock? (10:30) - Funds That May Benefit Your Portfolio: Tracey’s Top Picks (21:15) - Episode Roundup: BRKB, ULTA, VOO, SLYV, AAPL, CVX, BAC, FHB, PPBI, BKU [email protected]

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    Tips for Newbie Growth Stock Investors


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    Top Classic Value Stocks to Start 2022


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    Your Favorite Stock Sold Off: Is it a Deal or a Trap?


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    What Stocks Should be on Your Wish List in 2022?


    Zacks Chief Equity Strategist, John Blank, shares his insights with Tracey about what might be coming in 2022 and where stock investors should be looking next year. (1:00) - Are We Setup For A Goldilocks Economy Going Into 2022? (11:10) - What Sectors Poised To Benefit From The Most Growth? (26:35) - Top Picks: What New Trends Are Emerging Heading Into The New Year? (36:00) - Episode Roundup: MU, AMD, NVDA, URI, KBH, LEN, TOL, PHM, MHK, WHR, WCC, WR, CRWD, PANW, QLYS, BRKB [email protected]

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