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5 Top Stocks with P/Es Under 10

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Even with stocks at new highs, there are plenty of quality dirt cheap stocks. (1:20) - Finding Strong Stocks With A Low P/E: Stock Screen (7:30) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (22:00) - Episode Roundup: WLL, MHO, GPI, FBC, M

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    The Secret to Great Value Investing


    Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Ted Weschler all have this one thing in common. (1:00) - Long Term Value Investing: What Makes A Good Investor? (8:30) - Start Investing At A Young Age: What Should You Buying For The Long Haul? (18:15) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (26:35) - Episode Roundup: VOO, VTI, VO, VB, VBR
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    Tips on Where to Invest as Rates Rise


    Think you know what might go on with the Fed and rates next year? Think again. (1:00) - No More Recession: Is The Economy Making A Turn Around? (9:20) - Dynamics of The Stock Market:  Breaking Down The Current Status of The Market (14:05) - How Will Raising Interest Rates Impact The Market? (21:45) - What If Inflation Accelerates Faster Than Expected? (32:00) - Top Stocks To Keep On Your Radar: Where Should Investors Be Looking?   (37:15) - Episode Roundup: JPM, BAC, GS, PNC, WFC, WSBC, UCBI
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    Value Investors Should Aim High


    Don’t settle for low growth companies. Use the PEG ratio to find top growth and value stocks. (0:45) - Quarantine Discoveries: Safe Stock Plays (6:50) - Finding Cheap Stocks With Growth (11:20) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (26:30) - Episode Roundup: BGS, XOM, TPR, ANF, URBN, PVH, M, TLYS, KSS, HIBB, DKS, FL, CHH, BMO
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    How to Find Stocks on Sale in 2021


    Looking for hidden gems isn’t too hard with this simple stock screen. (1:00) - Small Cap Stocks Near 52 Week Lows: Stock Screener (6:35) - Finding Cheap Stocks For Your Portfolio: Tracey’s Top Picks (17:20) - Episode Roundup: T, VZ, AMGN, ZM, POSH, REAL, LL
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    My Favorite Bank Stocks in 2021


    Tracey Ryniec shares the names of her favorite smaller banks as earnings are expected to move higher on the recovery. (1:30) - Breaking Down The Performance of The Banking Industry (12:45) - What Bank Stocks Are Right For Your Portfolio? (17:00) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (27:30) - Episode Roundup: XLF, QABA, WSBC, OZK, UCBI, JPM, BAC, WFC, C
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    Energy Stocks: Are They Finally in a Bull Market?


    Over the last 13 years, there have been a lot of fake out rallies in the oil stocks but could 2021’s rally be different?  (1:00) - Fake Out Rally’s For Energy Stocks (7:30) - When Is A Good Time To Start Investing In Energy? (15:45) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (29:00) - Episode Roundup: XOM, CVX, COP, PXD, EOG, FANG, MGY, XLE, XOP
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    5 Top Ranked Stocks on Sale Right Now


    These stocks are disconnected from their earnings outlook as the analysts remain bullish but the Street is bearish. (0:45) - Finding Value Stocks That Recently Sold Off (6:30) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (19:20) - Episode Roundup: NUS, VFC, AUY, MTOR, VRTX
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    How to Be a Great Long-Term Stock Investor


    Tracey shares her tips on how to be a buy-and-hold stock investor in a time when everyone is trading. (0:45) - Buy and Hold Stock Strategy: The Power of Compounding  (6:50) - Tips To Manage Your Portfolio For The Long Term (14:00) - What Type of Stocks Should You Be Buying? (23:45) - Episode Roundup: AMZN, SBUX, FB, IBM, NVDA, PYPL, EL, NFLX
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    How to Find the Best Small Cap Value Stocks


    These 5 small cap stocks are dirt cheap but also have a high Zacks Rank. (0:45) - Small Cap Stocks Continues To Perform Well: Is Now A Good Time To Invest?   (4:30) - Is Buying An ETF The Best Way To Gain Exposure?   (12:45) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks   (29:50) - Episode Roundup: RZV, CAL, HVT, EXPR, TITN, JAKK, RCMT
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    Should You Buy the Auto Stocks Right Now?


    Strong demand, a transition to EV and autonomous driving, means investing opportunities in the auto industry. (1:15) - How Are The Semiconductors Impacting The Auto Industry? (6:45) - Are The Car Manufactures A Good Place To Start Investing? (15:00) - How To Navigate Tesla’s Stock? (20:35) - Is The Car Rental Market Making A Comeback? (26:00) - Does The Service Industry Stand To Gain The Most? (32:50) - Episode Roundup: GM, F, TM, RACE, TSLA, CAR, R, AAP, AZO, ORLY

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