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Funny/Not Funny (with Hannah Gadsby)

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In 2018, Hillary (like so many other people) discovered comedian Hannah Gadsby through her breakout Netflix special Nanette. The show shook up the comedy world by exposing the ways that even the best intentioned stand-up can inflict trauma on comedian and audience members alike when it invites us to laugh about misogyny, homophobia, fat-phobia, and other forms of hatred and prejudice. Having grown up non-gender conforming and gay in Tasmania, Australia’s deeply conservative island state, Hannah spoke from experience.

Hannah followed Nanette with another Netflix special, Douglas, which explored the aftermath of her relatively late-in-life diagnosis of autism. She will soon be touring with her latest live show, Body of Work, and just released a new memoir, Ten Steps to Nanette. Hillary was eager to talk to Hannah about how her life, and her comedy, have evolved since Nanette. As you’ll hear, they found lots of other things to talk about as well, from physical therapy to healing from trauma, and dealing with online trolls.

You can find a full transcript HERE.

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