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Ep235 Criminal Disasters

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This week, the gals discuss several serious catastrophes that were a result of some very irresponsible individuals. Topics include a gas leak with devastating consequences, a handful of very avoidable infernos, and a doomed flight. Pour a glass of Winc's Cocomero Rosé, resist incorporating explosives in your gender reveal party, and tune in for Criminal Disasters.

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    Ep242 Exercise Crimes


    This week, the gals suffer through several strenuous stories of working out not really...working out. Topics include an early Kim K endorsement deal, some criminal bodybuilders, and a supposedly rejuvenating centrifugal motion. Commit to your wine diet now, get your daily run out of the way, and tune in for Exercise Crimes. For a full list of show sponsors, visit
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    Ep241 Cheese Crimes


    This week, the gals cheese out over some delicious deviations. Topics include Italian spun paste (better than it sounds), an intricate case of bootlegged Parm, and the earthy roots of your favorite "fancy" garnish. Pick up a sixer of Leinenkugel's, slam some Lactaid, and tune in for Cheese Crimes. For a full list of show sponsors, visit
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    Ep240 Punk is Dead


    This week, the gals put on their studded leather jackets to rage about some counter-culture criminals. Topics include an unfortunate overlap in hairstyles, one very scary masked terrorist, and a violent group who definitely wasn't there for the music. Grab a glass of Anarchist Wine Co.'s 15 Minutes of Fame, change your locks, and tune in for Punk Is Dead. For a full list of show sponsors, visit
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    (BONUS EP) Darknet Crimes


    This month's bonus episode practically required a special browser to research. Topics include an online assassination scam, a mysterious treasure hunt, and a hearty helping of "there's no way to know" with a side of onions. Pick up a bottle of Black Market Wine Co.'s Collusion White Blend, download Tor, and tune in for Darknet Crimes. For a full list of show sponsors, visit
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    Ep239 Kentucky Crimes


    This week, the gals travel south of the Mason-Dixon to Kenyon's hometown. Topics include the deal with the derby, a very happy dog, one extremely brutal dorm room murder, and the story of the best grass in the Bluegrass State. Get your hands on some bourbon, place your bets, and tune in for Kentucky Crimes. For a full list of show sponsors, visit Get your tickets to Wine & Crime LIVE! Friday 10/1!
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    Ep33 Gossip at the Corpse Cart


    This month, the gals chat about some unusual landscaping, their love for Bloomin' Onions, a librarian's revenge, one majorly hungry juror, and a super mysterious (not at all) murder. Tune in for this month's episode of Gossip at the Corpse Cart! Get your tickets to Wine & Crime LIVE on 10/1! For a full list of show sponsors, visit
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    Ep238 A$holes in History


    This week, the gals dish about some real jerks who changed the course of history, despite themselves. Topics include a neighborhood bully who turned RULL sadistic, an alcoholic Civil War general with no regard for life, and everything you ever wanted to know about the anal canal (and then some). Treat yourself to a glass of Spring Gate Winery's Rénové Sweet Red, be honest with yourself, and tune in for A$holes in History. For a full list of show sponsors, visit Wine & Crime LIVE October 1st! Tickets here:
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    Ep237 Naughty Nonprofits


    This week, the gals test their charitable spirit to chat about some not-so-virtuous organizations. Topics include a notoriously shady family, a dubious guarantee from Jesus Christ himself, and that all-important 501(c)(3) status. Check out the wines (and kitties!) from Sokol Blosser winery, schedule a sitting for your next massive portrait, and tune in for Naughty Nonprofits. For a full list of show sponsors, visit For tickets to Wine & Crime LIVE October 1st, visit
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    (BONUS EP) Weird Weapons


    This month, the gals take stock of their defenses while discussing some bizarre mechanisms for murder. Topics include a handsome actor plus a ugly rumor, some delicious artillery names, and a predator who got what was coming to him. Pop open some Weapon of Choice Cab Sauv, empty the chamber, and tune in for Weird Weapons. For a full list of show sponsors, visit
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    Ep236 Desert Cold Cases


    This week, the gals chat about some disturbing mysteries in a unique climate. Topics include science to benefit the border patrol, an excavation that revealed a killer on the loose, and a bowling alley execution. Bust open a bottle of Winc's Cowtown White Blend, be sure to hydrate, and tune in for Desert Cold Cases. For a full list of show sponsors, visit

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